Cruz is Still a Light at the End of the Tunnel

I just hung up the phone on 97.1 here in St. Louis.  The Orange Minions are directing a lot of anger at Cruz today, especially on this station.  I admit I haven’t listened to them much since they went all in for Trump, but I happened to flip to it in the car while all the other stations were on commercial.  I felt the need to call, they answered the phone right away, they asked what I wanted to talk to Jamie about, and I told them.  After an hour and ten minutes on hold, I dropped off.  Once they knew what I wanted to say, I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting on the air.  Oh, well.  I’ll share those thoughts with you fine folks.


1 – Don’t give me any BS about that stupid pledge to support the eventual nominee.  As has been said in many other places, once Trump opted out, it became meaningless for ALL other candidates.  Trump is in this for Trump, and he doesn’t give a rip about you, me, or anyone not named Donald J. Trump.


2 – He’s basically a Democrat.  He’s a past donor, likes single payer health care, is pro-abortion, is a big fan of bigger government, etc.  He likes the idea of stronger libel laws for reporters who say “unfair” things about him.  For crying out loud, his own kids couldn’t vote for him in the NY primary because they were still registered as Democrats.


3 – Two of the worst, if not the worst candidates for President in the history of the United States – and we have had some stinkers.  Cruz reminded people to go vote your conscience up and down the ballot.  In other words, don’t let the thought of the Grifter v. the Carnival Barker keep you home on Election Day.  Try to save the House and Senate, even though this Orange Buffoon is at the top of the ticket.


4 – Why would Cruz endorse Trump?  Candidates attack each other all the time, but when you attack someone’s wife for depression?  You try to link Cruz’s father to JFK’s assassination?  Trump should feel fortunate that Cruz has as much class as he does, or he could have shredded him on that stage.


5 – As expected, Cruz was principles over party.  The RNC certainly showed no principles or class by denying the roll call vote.  Trump is an unprincipled, classless oaf who has attacked everyone in the party.  Relentlessly.  Now he wants everyone to come together and play nice?  You brought this on yourself, Donald.


6 – The GOP is destroying itself from within, mostly because it’s been infiltrated by people who prefer power and party above principle.  See above.  Erick said it well today.  “So in Cleveland now the Republican Party has its nominee. The GOP had one job this year and that was to beat Hillary Clinton. They have failed at that task. Trump will not beat Hillary Clinton and the very party leaders Trump’s supporters loathe will remain in their jobs come January helping Hillary Clinton orchestrate her inauguration. The Trump supporters have become the very Republican establishment they oppose and the very leaders of the party they hate will remain once Trump is gone. The GOP is now led by a Clinton donor and friend and party leaders bow before him pretending he is something other than what he is.”


7 – And speaking of Clinton, she hasn’t even gotten started yet.  She’ll out raise and out work Trump, because he’s lazy and counting on fawning coverage from the media for his campaign ads.  He’ll be surprised how quickly the media turns on him – he is running as a Republican, so none of the usual cover from the media for Democrats.  And watch out for the oppo dump from the Clinton machine.  But that’s OK, when Trump is wiped out in November, we won’t hear from him anymore.  The RNC can go back to telling us how much money they need to fight the Democrats.  The Democrats they put into office because they won’t field a decent candidate.


Sorry if I rambled, but things need to be said, and hopefully someone will actually listen to them.