Happy Earth Day! Hope the Sun decides to play along.

After reading an article on the excellent “Watts up with That“, I got to read a transcript from Charles Osgood on how any effect of global warming done by man can easily be outdone by the sun:

I know you’ve already got a lot to worry about as it is, but something rather odd is going on — on the Sun.

The Sun normally undergoes an 11-year cycle of activity — and last year, it was supposed to have heated up — and, at its peak, would have a tumultuous boiling atmosphere, spitting out flares and huge chunks of super-hot gas.

Instead, it hit a 50-year low in solar wind pressure, a 55-year low in radio emissions, and a 100-year low in sunspot activity. Right now, the sun is the dimmest it’s been in nearly a century.

Did you know that? It’s true. Astronomers are baffled by it, but has the press covered the story? Hardly at all. Is the government doing anything about it? No, it’s not even in the Obama budget or any Congressional earmarks.

But, sooner or later, I bet it will turn out to be our fault — yours and mine. And in Washington, where everything is political, they’ll note that it began before President Obama took office — perhaps “another example of the failed policies of the Bush Administration.”

At an upcoming meeting of astronomers in the United Kingdom, they’ll be studying new pictures of the Sun taken from space, looking for any hint that the Sun will start heating up again and acting up again, the way it’s supposed to. But there is no sign of that, so far.

In the mid-17th Century, there was a quiet spell on the Sun — known as the Maunder Minimum — which lasted 70 years, and led to a mini-Ice Age here on Earth.

Right now, global warming is a given to so many, it raises the question: Could another minimum activity period on the Sun counteract, in any way, the effects of global warming?

Hush, child! You’re not even supposed to suggest that. The only thing that can change global warming is if we human beings — we Americans, especially — completely change our ways and our way of life.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this solar dimming business, now that the story is out. Remember, you heard it here first…

I was surprised to find Mr. Osgood as a skeptic of the Global Warming hoopla.  Nice to see some other members joining the ranks of “mankind isn’t all evil”.

Anthony Watt’s website has discussed much about just how inactive the sun is right now, and it’s confusing everybody.  Models keep getting reset, people scratch their heads.  And the sun goes on doing whatever it wants.

It’s the liberal’s idea that anything and everyone can be controlled, or at least contained.  So, I’m waiting on the latest round of TARP money to be spent on getting the sun to play along.  Maybe launch up some of the defence nuclear missles that the lib’s don’t want around any longer — maybe it will re-ignite the sun back to normal so we can get on with melting the polar ice caps.  Or maybe some kind of cap-n-trade policy we can enact.  Hey, the sun needs to get in line and play the game!

So, on this Earth Day, I celebrate the wonders of Nature — in that it is still something we don’t understand well (the sun, weather, ocean depths, dark matter, and so on).  Perhaps one day it will all make sense.  But to go completely berserk over something we know so little about, just wastes time and money.  Unless you are a liberal.