Why We Lost this Battle in the Gay Culture War

One lesson I learned from my old debate coach in school was that if you can’t anticipate, or refuse to acknowledge, your opponent’s best arguments you’re guaranteed to lose.

Regarding recent Right-to-Refuse (such as Arizona’s SB 1062) laws centering on religious liberty and the gay agenda; we’ve heard a lot about cakes, flowers, and wedding photographers. Obviously, it’s absurd for someone to be sued simply because they didn’t want to bake a cake with two grooms on it. But this is why we’ve heard it so much – it the easy argument. You’ll rarely hear liberals actually rest their arguments on cakes and wedding photos.

If you really want to be effective pushing back against the ascendent Gay agenda then you need to effectively respond to the following three questions:

Should a ‘married’ gay couple be evicted from their residence due to the religious views of their landlord?

Should a ‘married’ gay loose his job because his employer is a Christian and doesn’t want to support his relationship?

Should a ‘married’ gay be refused emergency medical treatment due to the religious views of physician or nurse?

If you’re not answering or acknowledging these questions you’re not ‘fighting,’ you’re not even trying.