The Obama Nation Inevitability

The Conservative Policy Arena

The mainstream media template is clear; Obama will win the 2008 presidential election. It’s inevitable according to them and everything is falling into place – so goes the conventional wisdom. The polls are showing a large lead for Barack Obama. The economy or at least the markets are in chaos which only fuels the Obama ascendency. ACORN is registering thousands of voters illegally (allegedly) and is preparing to steal the election if need be. Why should this be necessary if Obama is in such a commanding lead? And wasn’t it Democrats who last cried foul about elections being stolen from them? Campaign money by the millions is being poured into the Obama campaign, some of it fraudulently (allegedly). I sometimes feel the inexorable pull of the nation toward Obama as if it’s something tangible that you can sense. The nation sliding ever closer to the liberal abyss.

But then I regain my senses and I realize that it is the American people who must either let it happen or keep it from happening. There is a silent majority still out there that will weigh all the information available to them as election day approaches. Not all voters will do the indepth due diligence. However, the American people as a whole can be trusted to make good decisions. En masse we are infallible in the long run. And so I will trust in the American people and divine Providence to steer us through this election. Have faith in this and work hard for victory and we cannot be denied!