HUD: 5 million fraudulent mortgages for Illegal Immigrants

Conservative Policy Arena

Drudge has an article link where HUD is revealing the estimate of 5 million fraudulent mortgages that have been obtained by illegal immigrants over the last several years. If this early report turns out to be true, it will be another revelation in the deepening financial crisis of where we went wrong. Conservatives have been on the right side of these issues all along. Reform Fannie and Freddie – Democrats blocked! Defend the borders – Democrats blocked! The laundry list of bills coming due for our reticence to be guided by the rule of law in this country is increasing every day. The insanity has got to stop. Even Republicans cannot wash their hands of responsibility in all of this but it will be American taxpayers that will have to foot the bill for increased crime rates, bailing out Fannie and Freddie, suffering through a 40% decline in the stock market, increased health care costs, etc. Our negligence as a nation and our unwillingness to see what stares us in the face is incomprehensible. It will take us many years to develop answers to problems that face us now. Let us begin work on the Herculean tasks which confront us!