The Hubris of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats

Serious Mayhem: A Conservative Policy Arena

Yesterday the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats bailed on the American people in refusing to commit to any new energy policies. Our leaders have left Washington for a long summer break while the American people suffer with high gas and diesel prices. Not a single Republican voted to close House business without an energy plan for America’s success. This effort nearly forced Democrats to deal with the stalemate. The GOP was in lock step behind Minority Leader Boehner and his “all of the above” energy plan which includes drilling for oil, building nuclear facilities, alternative fuels, wind, solar, etc. Democrats flat out refused to cooperate with any of this. Instead, Nancy Pelosi kept calling on the President to exhaust all of his policy options. The president has already visited Saudi Arabia and asked them to produce more oil and he has rescinded the executive order that banned offshore drilling. The fact is Saudi Arabia won’t budge (or can’t budge) until we get serious about exploring our own reserves. Additionally, since the president struck down the executive ban on offshore drilling, Congress is the only roadblock left. So what can the President do if Congress is held hostage by a left-wing extremist? Answer: Not much that he hasn’t done already. But Americans can do something about it. Americans can rise up and contact their elected officials and bitterly complain about Congress’ lack of action on energy policy. And if that fails, Americans can vote in to office a bunch of new congressional leaders in November 2008. Nancy Pelosi’s “None of the above” energy strategy is not a strategy at all and the dirty little secret is that it is based on her extremist view that we are polluting the Earth. While average Americans suffer, our congressional leaders are committed to some moonbat liberal ideology that will eventually be exposed for what it is: pollution.

P.S. Have fun on your whirlwind booktour Mrs. Speaker!