Benjamin Netanyahu calls for Israeli Elections

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After learning only yesterday that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be resigning his leadership post, today we learn that the top opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, is calling for new elections. Olmert is under intense scrutiny and facing charges of corrupton. This growing storm has finally taken its toll and forced him not to seek his Kadima party’s nomination. Kadima intends to pick a new leader and intall him as prime minister. Netanyahu feels that a new general election should take place in order to possibly pick a whole new government and leadership. While Netanyahu is enjoying increased popularity since his days as prime minister in the 1990’s and his Likud party is likely to win such an election it seems to be a good idea to push for new elections. The logic being that Kadima has bumbled the last war showing Israel to be weak and has failed to produce any kind of meaningfulpeace agreement with Palestinians. Benjamin Netanyahu is exactly what the Israeli nation needs at this moment of Mid-East Crisis. Usually the ongoing crisis is with the Palestinians, but now a larger danger looms over Israel. Netanyahu is a strong leader who will rebuild Israeli defenses and meet head on that challenges that Iran presents. This is no time for Israel to be defensively weak and indecisive. Iran poses a grave threat to Israeli security with their persistence in obtaining and developing nuclear weapons. Though Iran denies this nuclear program, it is quite apparent that they are enriching uranium beyond its usefulness in purely industrial applications. In addition, Iranian leaders regularly issue threats about the annihilation of Israel. New Israeli elections would be a good idea and a second incarnation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s prime ministership would be the best result for the nation of Israel.