Verify, Then Trust. (Or why we should stop beating our wives.)

In light of all of the recent “attacks” against Democrat politicians, I really wish patriots, conservatives, and republicans of all stripes would stop rushing out to “condemn” the latest “act of violence” or “threat of violence.”

Before everyone raises a hue and cry, let me explain.

To date as far as I’m aware, their have been no actual acts of violence committed. No one has been physical harmed in any of these so-called “incidents.” Why would we decry violence that really amounts to vandalism of varying degrees? Vandalism is wrong, but it is not an act of violence against a person. It might be categorized as violence against someone’s property, but that merely bolsters the point that it is not violence that has been used against an actual person. Vandalism might be construed as a threat against someone, but it can also be seen as merely a political statement done in a wrong-headed way.

Now, that being said, we need to understand that there is a narrative here that the media is pushing, and they are playing the right like a fiddle. They make claims that there is “violence” being used against Dems, and the republicans and conservatives rush out to decry those acts. And yet, several of them have been shown to be overblown, misreported, or fabricated. Others have not been thoroughly investigated, and no one as far as I know has actually been investigated, questioned, or arrested for these incidents.

When we rush out to “condemn these acts,” it gives the media cover. It gives the appearance that we recognize those acts as being perpetrated by someone on “our side.” It makes it look like we are engaging in damage control, that our side of the aisle really is made up right wing nuts waving guns around and shooting at Dems. Certainly there are plenty of nuts out there, and yes there are nuts on both sides of the aisle, but we have no reason to believe so far that any of “our” nuts have done anything wrong at this point.

Furthermore, it simply shows that we on the right are still way, way too caught up in our own image with regards to the lame stream media and the left. We care about what they think about us. The fact of the matter, however, is that we are evil in their eyes regardless. We are all right wing, bible and gun clinging, racist, hateful warmongers (or whatever the insult du jour happens to be).

Our politicians and many on the “right” have this felt need to get out in front of every smear and lie that the MSM and the left puts out. I can understand that. However, we need to fight their lies with the truth, and NOT let them always control the narrative. When our politicians cave to the narrative every time, they are doing nothing more than exposing their own irrational fear of the dinosaur main stream media. There may have been a day back in the dim and dark 70′ or 80’s when Republican politicians needed to fear harsh exposure from the news networks and papers, but that day is over. There are way too many alternative sources for truth and spin these days, and the fact that our politicians still cower before the MSM shows that they are out of touch with regular Americans, who have embraced the internet as the best source of news and information. If rank and file patriots, conservatives, and republicans can grasp the new media and use it to their great advantage, our political leaders should be able to do so as well, and continued cowtowing to the MSM only exposes their soft underbelly and highlights the fact that we have leadership that is often out of touch with its own constituents and not politically savvy enough to work against and around, rather than with, the MSM.

When reporter asks a right-leaning politician or talking head, “Do you condemn these acts of violence against Democratic politicians?”, We are doing nothing more than lending credence to the narrative that these acts were perpetrated by someone on our side, even though we don’t know this yet. We might as well admit that we have stopped beating our wives now and get it over with.

Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” We need to stop playing into the Dem narrative on this crap. When this stuff gets reported, and folks on our side rush to “condemn” this crap, it makes an impression that there is some credence to the charges the Dems are making before the evidence has been examined.

It should be completely apparent by now that the Dems will do ANYTHING to pass their agenda, and that the media will cover for them at every point. These people LIE with great proficiency, and we let them control the narrative all the time. We need stop believing anything they say until it has been independently verified.

After months and months of Stupak claiming he was a “no” vote because he was against tax-payer funded abortions, and then his subsequent betrayal of that principle at the very last minute, I’d think folks on the right would GET IT by now. The left lies and lies and lies. Never trust anything they say, and never take at face value anything their aiders and abettors in the media report.

How many times do people on the right decry the media bias in this country, and then turn right around and give credence to the latest manufactured narrative?

Haven’t we learned anything yet?

When someone proves that a tea partier, republican, or patriot has committed any of these acts of vandalism, or made any threats, then we should condemn violence in our political discourse. Until then, VERIFY first! We’re being played, even though we know that they lie and spin all the time.