The Problem with the "Magnet" theory

Maybe I have a different viewpoint than most other here because of the fact I have been born and raised in New York.  But here goes anyway.

I consider myself to be a ficon first and foremost.  I understand the benefits of fiscal conservatism.  I understand how burden regulations and high taxes can be a deadweight loss to society.  Both to producers and consumers.  I understand how businesses and capital are much more mobile today then they were 20 years ago, and will gravitate towards the area with the highest returns.  The thing is, it is easy for me to explain this to people.  I can make people understand what I am saying. I can easily draw a simple diagram.  I work for a County goverment, with all workers who are represented by a public employee union.  I have drawn them a simple supply and demand for labor graph.  i’ve shown them what happens when people are compensated above the market wage.  i have shown them how it leads to job shortages and inefficient levels of production.  In terms of being a “magnet,”  I can draw people to our side, and have done so.

However, in my opinion, it doesn’t work that way for many social issues.  Personally, i’m very much pro-life, and while i’m not in favor of gay marriage, I don’t have a problem with civil unions.  The point i’m making is, how can you draw people to be anti-gay marriage or pro-life.  I think people have those feelings not based on facts, but on how they feel inside.  This isn’t an attack on the magnet theory, but i don’t think it can be applied to all areas of conservatism.