The (Congressional) Moderate Myth

There was a very intersting link on the website that brought us to the Gallup website, with a breakdown on Politically ideology by state.  Mississippi was the most conservative state, with 50% of the population identified themselves as conservatives.  But most of you already know that, as you have probably looked at it already.

A lot of what we already know was shown from this survey.  The number of conservatives in this country is about double the number of “liberals.”  The rest of the population falls into the “moderate” category.  So why do we have so many darn democrats in office?  Well, for one reason, a think a lot of so called “moderates” are just plain old democrats.  I would like the see the breakdown of party registration of all these moderates.  Maybe these people think that just because they are against socialized medicine or driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, that they are level headed moderates.  Likely, most of them still believe that rich americans don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes and that the major reason for outsourcing is corporate greed.  Besides that, I think there is another reason that many democrats continue to get elected, with massive “moderate” support.  It’s because, for some reason or another, they actually buy into the idea that these democrats are moderates or centrists, or even “conservative democrats.”  I could probably count on two hands how many true centrists there are in congress. 

I tired of people referring to Giffords, Shuler, Altmire, Matheson, Chandler and the rest of the bunch as moderates.  They aren’t.  But they continue to win in republican dominated districts.  Do their constituents actually look into their records?  It could be that the self identified moderates are just politically lazy.

Still though, its good to see the number of self identified conservatives twice as high as the number of self identified liberals.  Considering that so many democrats have to twist their records in an attempt to portray themselves as moderates or centrists speaks to the truth that America truely is a right of center country.  It’s just too bad so many people don’t do their homework before they go to the ballot box. If the self identified moderates actully looked and saw the myth of a congressional moderate, conservatives would have close to 2 – 1 margins in the house and senate……..