Angel 5

I recently received this in an e-mail and I am concerned. What does this mean?

Angel 5

As I see it, there is a belief within the wealthy coalition that big money has control of the economy, media and the courts of the United States.  This may seem obvious to everyone, but it falls into the same category as WMD… say it loud enough, long enough and with enough authority and the general populace will believe and sacrifice their individual rights for some sense of security.  This tactic works.  It has been proven to be effective by no less than Hermann Goering.

This demonstrations in Madison, Egypt, Tunisia and other parts of the world have shown that the current neo-conservative ideology can only be carried so far before the sense of loss of the laboring populace becomes so onerous that they will initially protest, and if not addressed at that level, then become more and more agitated.

Ultimately the ruling ideology, in the absolute certainty of  “groupthink” mandate, will activate security forces and exact punishments on those people who dare challenge their beliefs and the existing authority.

Imposition of measures of control depends on the degree of perceived threat to authority and stability.  The manipulation of the media is part of the control.  The media informs the general populace and a controlled media informs the populace in a way that creates an urgency and degree of threat that will not be accurate.  As a result of the distorted message and misdirection, the general populace will be led to believe threats to their security are immanent and severe, they will then allow for any level of authoritarian control including incarceration and accidental death (see Kent State, Egypt, China, Bahrain).

Therefore, these demonstrations must remain peaceful – regardless of provocation, they must be highly publicized, within reason – they must conform to the law, and they must absolutely be effective.

This direct assault on the collective bargaining rights of workers is as significant as any Civil Rights movement, and consequently may, in some places, get as ugly.  However, in order to change the radical bigotry that now confronts ordinary working people, the people must stand together and with a single voice say – no more.

To that end I propose Angel 5.

What would happen if truckers in the United States sat in all lanes of the major highways and went 55 for 5 minutes?

What would happen if all head administrative assistants went to the bathroom for an extra five minutes at 10:30 a.m.?

What would happen if all electrical workers took an extra five minutes to get service up and running?

What would happen if all telecommunications workers had a service interrupt that lasted only five minutes?

What would happen if all airline pilots were five minutes late on ETA?

What would happen if all teachers were five minutes late?

What would happen if all public and commercial transportation (train, bus ad taxi) workers were five minutes behind schedule?

What would happen if major stock exchanges in the world had a five minute interruption?

What would happen if machinists and tool and die workers reduced their production by five minutes?

In other words, what would happen if all of us just took an extra five minutes to do our job?