A Tip O' The Hat To Socialism

Well, since this is my first blog and I’m not quite sure how things go here (i.e. what’s “supposed” to be in blogs, not like I really care what the general population thinks is “correct”). This is my blog! And as a non-liberal, it belongs only to me and I can do what I want with it. It’s mine cause I earned it!

I guess, for my first blog, I would start by posting a poem/prose I wrote quickly illustrating socialism and why it TOTALLY works… Not the greatest, but it serves it’s purpose. Hopefully I shall update it with some of my political philosophy stuff. Enjoy if you can.

“Change We Need”

Our story begins, a sad one.This is the tale of two boys.Tied by fate. Intertwined.One was born a healthy, smart child.The other, average, with a benign (for now) disease that festered.(This disease spread unbeknownst to all around)When the boys reached their 20th year, their families died.The healthy one began to prosper.Contemporarily, the other became deathly ill (from the disease).When this was found, doctors began deliberating.He had no money and no one to pay for it.It was then that the other was seized.Forced to give half of his earnings from here on to help this man.Distraught by his loss in payments, the man set back to work.The prospect of not receiving his wages loomed…Until one day, he stopped.Why work for half pay? No incentives?He lived on, poor and hungry.(For this was better than suffering work and having little food)Meanwhile, the other’s disease spread, engulfing his body.With no money, no treatment, he withered.

Our story ends, a sad one.Both boys dead.But equally dead.