Speaker Boehner! Now is not the time to capitulate!

As the Democrats in Congress continue to dig in their hind legs like jackasses-and refuse to give any real concessions to their Republican counterparts-it appears Speaker Boehner may be ready to capitulate to Harry-The Tea Party are radical extremists-Reid! To this I say now is not the time to capitulate!!

Mr. Boehner the Democrats when they controlled Congress never gave one inch to the demands of compromise from you and your colleagues.
They locked Republicans out of committee meetings on health care,they refused to listen to you about budget cuts,they continually stonewalled you folks at every turn in short they never compromise on anything whether they be in the majority or minority!

It’s high time that you as Speaker and the house Republicans stand your ground and settle for nothing less than what we have sent you to do cut the 100 billion from the budget as you and your Republican colleagues promised!
As your compromise bill now stands we will only see a 23 billion dollar cut down from the 60 billion your bill that passed the house promised to give. What ever happened to “cut,cut,cut” the budget?

Compromise with Harry Reid will be very costly to you personally,and,conservatives in general. We the people are watching and will remember during the next election cycle which people stood their ground and fought for fiscal sanity and those who chose to compromise with those who would spend this nation into oblivion.

It is high time to go toe to toe with Harry Reid.-Reid claims to have once been a boxer though as wimpy as he looks and sounds I have a hard time believing it-and deliver to him a knock out blow. If the Democrats want to shut down the government let them do it and then put the blame squarely on their shoulders!

Don’t cave into them Mr. Speaker,instead,make them blink for a change,force them to back peddle on their promises,make them compromise their principles,and  instead, force them back to the table and demand they at least meet your demands for a 60 billion drop in the bucket cut to our national budget!, ,in short Mr. Speaker DO NOT Capitulate!

Now is not the time to capitulate!

Cross posted from Today’s Politics by Freedomlover