Well well seems the socialist crowd in England is growing sick of taxes on "Petrol"

I ran across this call for a Crusade to stop the petrol tax robbery over at The London Daily Express. It’s almost like looking at a link on a conservative American blog calling for the reader to join in the movement against Obamacare or some such thing.
In almost tea party fashion it seems the Brits-who appear to me to be largely socialist- are growing sick and tired of the socialist establishment’s taxes on what they call “petrol”.

This is an interesting development -even in a country where the citizenry seems quite content with confiscatory taxes on anything that moves- there is beginning to be a backlash on taxes which they have correctly figured out are killing their economy! Consider this quote from the afore mentioned article….

Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK, which has also been calling for the duty increase to be scrapped said: “We are delighted that the Daily Express is crusading to have the increase axed.

“This Government will be defined by how it deals with this crucial issue. Fuel prices affect every single citizen of this country, even if they are not drivers. It will impact on everything we buy in shops and everywhere we go.
“If the duty rise goes ahead, the Government risks economic collapse, social disintegration and outbursts of direct action which none of us want to see.
“At the very least we will see a return to the recession, if not a full-blown depression. People will have to give up their jobs, businesses will fold and it will be terrible for everyone.”

Would that someone in this country could get the same message to our vacillator in chief Barack Hussein Obama! As oils prices continue to rise he and his minions in the Democratic party continue to insist on stifling any and all new oil exploration off our own coasts and Anwar!

As the price of gasoline continues to surge it has more and more of a negative effect on the economy of this country. People have less and less money to spend on goods and services that might provide Americans with jobs and are in ever growing numbers sending their hard earned dollars-not only to wasteful governments in the form of taxes-but also to Arab nations that would like nothing better than to see us all dead!

It’s time for the Tea Party to make a demand for more American production of oil,coal,shale,and natural gas a center piece of it’s agenda alongside a demand for less government interference in our lives and business as well as lower tax.

Perhaps it’s time for us to start our own Crusade against taxes on gasoline and Obama’s prohibition on production from the Gulf of Mexico.

Cross posted at Today’s Politics by Freedomlover