Herman Cain just the man to replace Obama

This is a video well worth watching!! It is Herman Cain Atlanta talk radio host,and possible Presidential candidate, at CPAC. I have researched this man before, and the more I see and hear,the more i feel this guy may well be the conservative candidate-as well as-just the man to replace Obama!

America is at a crossroads. There is a battle going on for the soul of this nation. We stand at a point in history where we will either adhere to the great values and principles that have made this nation “A shining city on a hill”or we will descend even further than we already have into the morass of socialism,and,eventual communism!

Many of us who are conservative have been longing for someone to enter the scene who could live up to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. I’m beginning to believe that Herman Cain may well be the man to fit the bill. In fact I am beginning to think that this man might well be able to surpass Reagan.

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