Time to take North Korea to the wood shed

The Lunatic Leader of north Korea

The time has come for the idiotic leader of North Korea to be taught a tough and painful lesson. It’s time for the United States and South Korea to take o’l Kim -Ill in the head- Jung to the proverbial wood shed.

In the good old “great fly over country” when a child acts like a defiant brat that child is grabbed up by the scruff of the neck and given a good sound whipping!

Yeah I can hear all the left coasters and the wimps on the east coast saying “my God that’s child abuse” ,but, by golly it’s usually pretty effective,and, you likely won’t have to do it again!!

Well guess what folks for some time now the chicken [email protected]#t country that we call North Korea has been acting like a sorry little spoiled brat bully,and, the only way to deal with a bully is to haul off and let him have it right…

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