We The People give the Democrats a drubbing of historic proportions

That’s right-We The People-gave the liberal Democrats in the house of Representatives a drubbing, nay, a beating that they should not soon forget! If they do forget it will be at their own political peril. Come to think of it those who got elected last night would do well to heed the lessons of this election!!
We the people are a very tolerant,forgiving, and long suffering people. We are,and,always have been more likely to suffer abuses than to turn to revolution. However when pushed to a certain point the people of this country always have ,and, will rise up and push back against a government out of control.
The founders of this nation chaffed for a long time under the yoke of British tyranny until they could take it no longer and were forced by circumstances to rise up and violently throw off the chains of the oppressor.
Thank God that in their wisdom…
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