Donald Trump, he is F-ing Serious

If the electorate really cares about Trump’s use of the F-word then it is they, not he, who are not serious about fixing this country’s problems.

Before I get started, I think it is important to differentiate between whether or not Trump is seriously considering a run for President, and whether or not he should be taken seriously as a candidate.  The former is something that I believe is still not known.  He may or may not have the conviction necessary to run, but, on this, only time will tell.  The latter, however, I believe can be answered unequivocally in the affirmative.

In my mind it is not important, yet, whether or not he has decided to put everything he has into a run.  His competition are largely not sure yet either, and, quite frankly, those who have committed are only as committed as the polls will take them.  Such is the nature of running.  The second question is the one I find most interesting, and where I think some of the better conservative thinkers are absolutely wrong.

Conservative commentators like Hume, Krauthammer and Will are saying he is not a serious candidate, but why?  What do they consider serious?  If you believe that OPEC needs to be held to account, does that make you unserious?  If you believe in fair trade with China, and in doing and saying what needs to be done and said to get it, are you not serious?  If you believe that America can no longer afford to defend every oil rich country in the world for nothing, are you not serious?

Or, are they saying that what he intends to do about these problems is not serious?  If this is the case then I would ask “what are the other, more serious, candidates planning to do about these problems?”  The answer is nothing.  They will not even bring the issues up.  So, I ask, whom do you consider more serious?  Someone that will discuss the tough issues, or someone that will not even bring them up for fear that their answer will not be popular.

My point here is we already have a slew of candidates to choose from if you want someone that will not rock the boat.  If the electorate wants someone with the proper political pedigree, if they need to see that they have made politics a career, if they want someone that gets tangled in knots trying to express what they believe without angering a constituency, if they want someone that is too afraid to take on Chris Mathews, let alone the world leaders they will have to face, then maybe they are right.  Maybe the electorate is not serious about really fixing this country.

We have had “serious” Republicans and Democrats running things now for a very long time, and they have gotten us where we are.  They avoid real issues because they worry more about re-election than fixing the broken system.  They hem and haw on the morning shows when asked questions that require serious thought.  They have learned to play the D.C. game, but does that make them serious?

Haven’t we had enough of the political class?  Haven’t we had enough from the people that think there is nobility in serving in Congress for 40 years?  Haven’t we heard enough from “scholars” that couldn’t manage a corporation if their life depended on it.   They will tell you that our countries problems are too serious to leave in the hands of someone so brash and self confident.  Well, how well are we doing with it in the hands of the seriously weak weasels that are there now?

I am willing to bet that the electorate has had enough.  I am willing to bet that no one is going to be fooled by a guy that can read a speech well.  I am willing to bet that a nice hair cut, and a winning smile will not be enough.  My guess is the Tea Party movement is not looking for more of the same garbage that Washington elites have shoved down our throats.  I think it is time to F things up a little. I’m throwing in with Trump!

less government, more liberty!

the founders