All the Right People are Critical of Trump

I had not planned on posting about Donald Trump, in fact, I was doing just fine watching all the coverage of all the potential candidates to get a feel for how they stack up, but I have to say Donald Trump has all the right people criticizing him.

The Club for Growth, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthhammer, George Will, every left wing media outlet and many more.  Now I will say that I need to hear from Trump that he is now looking at issues like Kelo and the auto bailouts from a constitutional perspective rather than a business perspective, but I don’t think you could have a more inside Washington group than the one above.

I have a lot of respect for Charles and George and their commentary on issues, but I am not sure that they have their pulse on the electorate, and I am certain they are not in touch with the Tea Party types that are tired of the worn out political types that will say the right thing about Kelo, but don’t even understand it.

As for the Club for Growth, they gave us Sharron Angle, enough said.

I am not sure yet if I will support Trump, but I like that he has these people criticizing him.  Washington insiders are the problem, and the candidates they have pushed in the past have only made things worse.

less government, more liberty!