Dollar Bill Nelson - Show us the Money!

To get away from the primary stuff for a moment, and remember who we are fighting against in the Florida Senate race, I want to ask Dollar Bill Nelson to Show us the Money!  I was doing a little research on a different article and came accross the following:

Riscorp Scandal – Illegal Campaign Contributions:

In July 2006, during his campaign for the U.S. Senate, incumbent Sen. Nelson was accused of taking $80,000 in illegal campaign contributions from Riscorp, Inc. According the Orlando Sentinel, Nelson did receive $62,000 from the company during the mid-1990s. Unlike his senatorial opponent (Rep. Katherine Harris), Sen. Nelson has never repaid the funds he received and used in his campaign.

Mr. Bill Griffin, CEO of Riscorp, pleaded guilty to felony counts involving illegal campaign donations and conspiracy and served prison time. The Riscorp scandal involved dozens of Florida state legislators and was among the largest scandals in recent Florida history.

My question is- How can he get away with this???  Every declared opponent should be asking Dollar Bill why he believes it is O.K. to keep this money.  We should not rest until Dollar Bill shows us the money.

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