Do we really need to eat our own during session as well?

Don’t get me wrong, I admire the Heritage Foundation and the work they do as much as anyone, but is their new “Heritage Action” site run by Michael Needham from Gulianni ’08 doing the right thing by eating our own?  I understand the need to move Republicans to the right, but shouldn’t we deal with the errant members at election time?  What good will it do to have every member crucified every time they cast an inconsequential vote that could make their constituents happy?  Needham of all the people, coming from Camp Rudy should be a bit more congenial given Rudy’s voting record which has more bad votes than New York has sewers.

I believe it is critical that our movement continue to pressure Republicans to work hard to bring fiscal sanity back to government,  but it is undeniably true that not every Republican serves the same constituency.  There needs to be some sense of balance in our approach.  We need to provide the people that read our columns and blogs with a full picture of how things work in Congress.  To say that there is absolutely no valid reason for any of the members to vote the way they did on HR1 is just not right and I have to believe that Mr. Needham knows this given his experience & history being aligned & working for Mayor Gulianni.

I would think that of all people a guy that is a true conservative, yet worked on Rudy Gulianni’s campaign, would understand that ideological purity is not the best measure of truly great leadership.  I know that our country and our party are going through a transformation.  I understand that the Tea Party is strong and we need to push hard for any gains we can get while we have the momentum, but we are just as likely to squash that momentum from within if we don’t focus on the real opposition.

Remember, big spending liberals are the enemy.  The Democrats are the people that believe the government is the answer to every problem we face.  Our deficit problems are not going to be fixed by splitting our side to the benefit of theirs.  I think we should work hard to keep our members in line, but it should not be done in a way that offers aid and comfort to the other side.  They are making every attempt to pit us against one another, lets not do it for them and always remember Reagan’s
11th Commandment.

Less Government, More Liberty
The Founders