Florida Senate- Good Debate but Let's Get it Right

I love that we are having an energetic debate about the candidates for the Republican nomination for the Florida Senate seat, but I have to take issue with BiGator5’s comments about Senator Mike Haridopolos.

First, BG5 tries to imply that Senator Haridopolos is a supporter of the now disgraced Governor Charlie Christ. The quote from the book was from 2006 which was well before Christ flipped, and Mike was an outspoken supporter of Rubio.  Everyone that watched the race in 2010 knows this, and I think the attempt to tie them together is beneath BG5.

Second, the book deal has been thoroughly reported on locally, and there has been nothing turned up that even comes close to suggesting anything inappropriate took place.  To say that someone is not fiscally conservative because they were paid by a government institution is incredibly weak.

I think it is great to have a favorite in this race, but I expect a lot more from my fellow conservatives.  If you want to criticize Mike he has a long record in the Florida legislature.  He is also currently leading the most conservative Senate in the history of the State.  If there were anything to criticize I would think you could find it there.  Why don’t you take a close look at how he is governing, and report that back to our readers, rather than this other nonsense

Less government, more Liberty!

the founders