Here We Go Again

When will Americans finally figure out that you can not allow liberals to be in charge of our military?  This idiocy going on in Libya is going to end badly.  President Obama actually made the case to the nation that we are going to fight a war with both hands tied behind our backs, AND HE SAID IT PROUDLY!…AND NO PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER IS CHALLENGING HIM!

Is it just me or do his explanations sound eerily like that of the left in the early days of the Vietnam conflict?  I don’t mean the same arguments,  but the arrogant belief that they can manage a war!  Obama is the new McNamara.  He is so proud that he put together a coalition.  He is so proud that we are NOT leading.  He is so proud that we are NOT trying to win.  His audacious belief in his own brilliance is the surest sign that he has no idea what he is getting into.

The best civilian military leaders are the men and women that know enough to know that they should leave these things to the military professionals.  Obama believes he is the smartest person in the room.  Combine that with the natural liberal proclivity to believe that they know what is best for the rest of us, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Mark my words, this is going to be either an absolute waste of time and money, because we will limit our involvement and the rebels will fail, or it will have a far more tragic consequences for our men and women in uniform.

Oh, and to those that think it would be a good idea to arm the rebels and let them do the fighting…why don’t we just load $10 billion worth of munitions on a barge and sink it in the middle of the Mediterranean?  If you watch the footage of these “rebels” you will realize that giving these guys weapons would do as much good as Proactive did for Qaddafi.

Less government, more Liberty!

the founders