Angry Mob Strikes Again

Senator Ben Cardin held a Town Hall meeting tonight at Towson University. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Senator Ben Cardin held a cream puff cowardly propaganda meeting, but called it a Town Hall meeting.

The information that I received regarding this meeting was that it was by invitation only (being on Senator Cardin’s constituates list), with a required RSVP phone call to his office, and attendees were asked to submit a written question at the door.

I must be crazy, but aren’t Town Hall meetings supposed to be an open forum? I completely understand that shouting over people doesn’t get you very far, but all it really takes is a little bit of organization. All that is needed is a microphone or two, set them up so that those with statements or questions can line up in a orderly fashion and say their peace. Toss in a few security guards to ensure that the place stays civil, and everyone is happy.

This would be just like at the University of Florida when Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry a question about being a member of Skull & Bones…. Uhhh…. Errr! On second thought, lets not make it just like that. That didn’t end so well. In case you forget, that fiasco ended with the ever-so-popular phrase, “Don’t Tase me, Bro!”

I realize that Andrew Meyer was causing a bit of a ruckus and that there is more to the story than what was seen on Youtube, but to think that 6 guards couldn’t remove him from the venue without the use of a TASER is ridiculous.

To get back on track, Senator Ben Cardin is a coward. Not only does he, apparently, not care about what the people want, he is even afraid to listen. Go ahead Ben, stick that head in the sand.

The angry, Right-Wing extremist, Nazi mob was in rare form tonight. There was about 2000 people in attendance (including those inside the venue), most of which were those disgusting Un-American hate-mongers. Those vile retched excuses for citizens kept asking those dreadful questions: “Is Congress going to have the same health care plan” “If it’s not good enough for you, why is it good enough for me”. To further degrade themselves, they chanted rancid filth such as, “Keep the government off of my body”, “Reform, not transformation”, and the incendiary mantra, “Who’s gonna pay”. Clearly, this crowd is insane.

All in all, the general attitude was one of reserved frustration. Many people stirred up conversations and debates over the particulars of possible legislation, some got a bit heated, but they were civil. On video, people tended to seem as if they were yelling at each other more often than in reality. The important thing to remember is that it was very loud there. There were protest chants on both sides of the street, a utility plant for the hospital in the background, and people to the left and right having discussions. In order to speak to someone right next to you, you needed to speak in a moderate yell just to be heard. In fact, I narrated some of the video that I took, and even though my face was less than a foot away from the camera, my voice is barely audible in parts.

There is one particular mindset that I have noticed in this whole debate from the start that followed suit tonight. To explain, I will start with an analogy.

When discussing the particulars of any scenario in a marriage, to ignore the differences between men and women would be folly. Men are typically factual decision-makers. We determine the options, look at the data, consider the impact of the solutions, then make a decision. We begin with the mind and allow the emotions to join in a little later in the process.

Women, oftentimes, are known to be emotional decision-makers. In this manner a woman may allow her feelings to override her mind and her understanding of truth. Have you ever heard a woman say, “I know that I’m not fat, but I FEEL fat”? Her whole outlook on her day is now tainted.

This is a complete and total over-simplification of this point, but I believe it has merit.

The people that want health care reform NOW seem to be ruled by their emotional response. Their arguments are consistent. “Everyone should be covered”, “my father died from the status quo system”, “the system is broken”, etc. While these are all valid issues we can’t just rush to action because we want a change. The emotional over-reaction of “do it right now” is not able to be overcome by the facts of the issue. One man, in particular, was approached by a short unassuming woman and asked if he would read some literature that listed the problematic passages in the currently circulating bill. She was very polite, but her attempt was greeted with a “talk to the hand” wave and the words “I don’t care” several times. There were many others with this mindset also. His mind was clouded by his emotional attachment to what he thinks should be done. He isn’t even considering that there may be a better way to get there.

Those who oppose a government option tend to act as the man in the analogy. They want the health care system to work better than it is currently and they want ALL Americans to be covered. They listen to the options, look at the Bill, consider the impact of the solutions, and then decide.

Nancy Pelosi has accused the opposition to this legislation as “Astroturf”, she has accused them of being Nazi’s and called them an angry mob. There is another marital analogy within these (and other) accusations by the Liberal Elites.

Sue is an unfaithful wife. She justifies her affairs because her husband John doesn’t pay attention to her like he used to. Because her reason is real, her justification seems legitimate. She is tossed through a variety of emotions from elation to thrill, and sadness to paranoia. Her guilt consumes her, but she doesn’t recognize it as guilt. She then projects her own misdeeds on John, accusing him of cheating on her.

Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Waxman, and all of the other so-called Liberal Elites are not stupid. In fact, they are considerably intelligent. This doesn’t discount the fact that it is possible for them to act extremely foolishly. Make no mistake, there is a such thing as an intelligent fool. Foolishness is lack of wisdom and wisdom is the application of knowledge and experience. One who is intelligent will not always act wisely.

However, I wouldn’t hold them firmly to being fools. They may often fit the bill, but they are much more conniving than your average fool. In fact, they look the most foolish when they get caught in one of their schemes.

If you analyze each of the Elite’s criticism of their opposition, it turns out to be nothing more than guilty projections of their own faults. They claim “Astroturf” – They invented it and even organized the bulk of the pro-Obamacare crowd tonight. The only organization that can be pinned legitimately on the opposition is listening to talk radio and hearing what is happening, being on and email list, or being a member of a local Tea Party group. Just look at the signs that they wave. 80% of the Obamacare signs were right off the presses, but 95% of the others were hand-made. You tell me which one is “grass roots”.

They say Nazi’s – Who resembles a Nazi more, a bunch of people gathering to protect their liberties or a government attempting to run a business? Do you have any clue what Nazism/Socialism is?

They say mob – Don’t you remember the “Astroturf” liberal protests during the Bush administration? Enough said! I don’t need to clarify this one.

Pick your poison, it is projection from a “cheating” Congress. They have been unfaithful to the American people.

There is one other part of this whole debate that I don’t think has been brought to light properly.

In any debate about the particulars of this legislation, there will undoubtedly be the statement, “which version”. Proponents will quickly point out that there are 3-5 different versions of this bill floating around. The next thing that they will say is that you can’t judge the whole legislation based on what is in one version proposed bill.


By now, most people know the particulars of the “little nasties” that are strewn throughout the bill and their ramifications on each of our lives. The simple point that I believes answers the “version” argument is one of motive. If Congress didn’t have Socialistic, tax hiking, freedom limiting, eugenic, euthanasic, and just plain sinister motives, then why would those passages EVER have been put into ANY version of the Bill?

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The problem is Socialism and Socialists. Senator Cardin, you and your ilk are the problem and we are the solution. You have awakened a sleeping giant and we will rest no more. The silent Majority will be silent no more. Consider yourself on notice.