Twice as Hard! Really?

When Obama’s deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told his constituates to “punch back twice as hard” he officially entered into direct conflict with a majority of the country. If I did this, I would be arrested for inciting a riot.

Mr. Bipartisan Barack told everyone to keep quiet and stop talking (disagreeing) with him while he “cleans up” the country.

It gets even worse. I never thought that it would actually come to this, but “punching back” seems to mean “roughing-up”.

In St. Louis, a bunch of SEIU goons in purple shirts were dispatched to “punch back”.

Many of these were large, intimidating men not 160 pounders. Three quarters of the local constituates were locked out of the Town Hall meeting while the thugs were let in from a side door. Next thing you know several people are in the hospital and some are arrested.

One of these people was an above middle-aged man with stage 4 cancer and a port in his chest that was shoved against a wall and to facilitate the lock down.

Is this the way we want our country to run? Mr. Chicago political Don has sent out the knee breaking union “heavy’s”. There was no violence and no intimidation before the Obama administration sent out the “Purple Shirts”.

Has this ever happened before? Is there some historical precedent for this?

Oh yeah, there was a group of people called the “Brown Shirts” that were dispatched to rough-up dissenters. They were sent out and given orders by way of a man named Adolf Hitler.

For years the left wing has successfully altered the perception of history, that Hitler was a right winger. Hitler was not. He was a full bird socialist left winger. Now, he was way farther to the left then pretty much all Democrats I know, but to the left he was.

Did you know he also used the Environmentalist movement to enslave his people by convincing them to give up personal liberties in order to help save the environment “for the greater good”.

Gee, this sounds familiar! I think I hear Al Gore somewhere in the background.