I am a conservative college student, and I need help.

My name is Joshua Tuttle.  I have read Redstate for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve contributed.  I live in California, and am attending my local community college.  When I signed up for my classes this quarter, I was initially excited to be taking a class in American Government.  Unfortunately, my class might have been better called “Socialist Progress 101” or something similar.  The basic premise that all conservative thought stems from is that we are born free, whether we believe we were created by God or evolved from monkeys.  When we discussed basic human rights at the beginning of the course, the instructor carefully guided us away from putting “freedom” or “liberty” or “self-determination” on the list.  She was very slick; it took me almost a week and a half to figure out what specifically was bugging me.

In our discussions, I am attempting to stand up for conservative ideas so that someone in the class who might not have my background might at least be exposed to the ideas, but I need some help.  When I brought up individualism, she expertly sidelined me by saying that “individualism used to mean the family unit, but now it means the individual, which is leading to the destruction of the family unit, which is what is wrong with America today.”  When she said that White America thinks Obama is a Communist because he is black, I raised my hand and said “Wait, you can’t claim that the reason people think he is a Communist is because he’s black, for one it doesn’t follow, and two most people who say that are basing that on his record.”  Her response?  “Yes I can, and I’m right.  Read White Like Me (one of the texts for the class, authored by Tim Wise.)”

I do not understand how to survive an environment like this, when fact is meaningless, unfounded claims are Gospel, and the instructor has had 25 years to perfect her technique.  She has written a manifesto that we are required to purchase from her and read, which is 128 pages long, and contains 8 footnotes.  8.  As an example, she lambasts our health care system for being 50th as a nation for childbirth-related maternal deaths.  She doesn’t cite any source at all.  Not that she would listen anyway if I called her source into question, but the purpose of standing up isn’t to convince her, it’s to make the other students think.  So I ask, can someone help me out here?  I cannot be the only conservative college student in America, and I need advice from someone else who has dealt with this, preferably successfully, but I can learn just as much from someone’s failure as their success.

I have the first chapter of her manifesto in digital form if anyone wants to see just what I’m dealing with.