How to Answer Obama's Ridicule of McCain's Suggestion of a Commission to Study Financial Regulation

Obama, Biden, and their cheerleaders on CNN are ridiculing McCain’s suggestion that a 911-type commission is needed to study changes to regulation of Wall Street, banks, etc. The answer ought to be said loud and clear:

BY McCAIN: Senator Obama, I hear you have been ridiculing my suggestion of a 911 commission to study changes we need to make to put Wall Street right and get us out of the serious issues it is creating for our economy today. The reason a commission is needed is because of people like you and Joe Biden.

Two of your top advisors made millions for themselves while running Fannie Mae into the ground. You and Joe Biden took hundreds of thousands of dollars to do their bidding in the Senate. Joe Biden, your running mate, is known as “the Senator from MBNA”.

Your advisors kept their millions. You and Biden kept Fannie Mae’s contributions to your campaigns. And the taxpayers are left holding the bag.

Senator Obama, because of people like you and Joe Biden, we need a commission to get these issues out of the hands of politicians beholden to their benefactors so we can get regulation that protects average Americans instead of the serving the interests of your contributors.

By TheDude