John McCain abducted by aliens, has fallen off his rocker

Those who believe in alien life have long been vilified in American culture as being, basically, nuts. Despite purported evidence from Roswell , the secrecy behind Area 51 , and a number of legitimate Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), a majority of the public has been hesitant to believe.

Well, let there be no more doubt. Arizona Senator John McCain has been abducted by aliens, and they have left a clone in his place. It is this clone who is running for the Senators seat, so the abduction must have occurred sometime in early 2009.

I mean…there’s just no other way to justify the latest commercial released by the “McCain” campaign. While aliens have far superior technology to our own, they lack the ability to truly act like a human would. And it couldn’t be more evident than in this video. Notice how crafty they are, trying to convince real humans that alien McCain is one of us. He isn’t. Be afraid, my friends, be very afraid.


Courtesy: TheDividedStatesBlog.com