Where is Bruce Willis when we need him?

Although he died at the end of Armageddon this is precisely the type of person we need now to plug this oil spewing hole at the bottom of our gulf.  Of course, the rest of the team survived!  Shouldn’t we get them to drill the relief wells that seem to be the only solution to this problem?  I mean come on, if they can drill a hole in space to plant a nuclear bomb in an asteroid, how much harder could it be to drill 2 holes a mile deep in the ocean!


While the above graph is very much sarcastic, there is a point to this…  The only people with the expertise to close the gapping maw disgorging copious amounts of raw oil into the waters are the private companies with experience at working on oil at these depths.  If our government really wanted to stop this thing it would do well to take a page from the scripts of Hollywood and partner with private corporations that have the ability to stop it.


There have been many who have come up with “interesting” solutions including using a buried Atomic Bomb to “fuse” the sand into a glass cap on the well.  While I think this is an innovative idea of the type of thinking we need, I have concerns about the secondary contamination of using such a device.  (Those who have questioned using conventional weapons to achieve the same result do not understand that only the high heat energy of atomic weapons could achieve the desired result of creating a glass cap.) 


There actually may be a “Bruce Willis” to this situation, however.  The former Vice President, Dick Cheney.  If I were in charge, he would be among the first people that I called.  This is a man that has spent his life in both the Oil Industry and the Government.  Is there anybody in this nation who would be more capable of managing this incident?  Is there anybody that would be more connected to the resources in both Government and Industry to pull the right people together?  I think not.


I do believe that this man is in the best of situations to bring together the best minds in Public and Private life to fix this situation.  I also believe that this is the LAST man that this administration would ever call upon.  And, that is the true pity of the situation.


The administration would be in coughing fits to try to even ring Cheney.  And, they have missed the golden opportunity to show their ability to cross the isle and properly find the “best and brightest” to solve the situation.  A plus factor for the administration would be the ability to blame the delays and possibly the whole thing on the Bush administration.


So, we wait while an incompetent administration continues to be, well, incompetent.  And as the party out of power we have very little to invest in the situation.  And, so we wait still.


Now, if I were a Democrat I would have stopped this post here.  I am not a Democrat, and I truly care not only for the people of the Gulf who are fighting to survive this mess, but also for the businesses who are gasping for any breath to live even another day. We as a country must come together to solve this mess.

That is why I am calling on the Republican Party to step up.  The solution is not known, but we as citizens of this country can not sit idly by and watch this slow motion train wreck to continue.  We need to step up as the citizens we are and do something!


We are shut out of the Government, but we are not shut out of our lives!  We must stand up and accept our duty to do our best.  We need to start to help   Not only as citizens of this great country, but as a force of maturity on the situation.


I plan to call upon my local Republican Party and the national party to empanel a board of experts to review options to close this hole.  This is not about credit, this is about doing our best to help.  I do not think you need to guess on who should lead this panel.


Pundits have called this a war, and I do think there are similarities.  We need to show the world that we are not just a political party, but a force for good.  We need to show ourselves as part of the solution.  Otherwise we are just part of the problem.


One more note, if anybody out there has the ability to set up a fund to assist those in need on the Gulf Coast.  My dollars are waiting!  This is not Obama’s problem, not BP’s problem, but OUR problem.  Let’s get together and solve it!