As I have discovered!

Over at PowerLineBlog, Scott Johnson listed an entry on the scrubbing of Democrat party affiliation and the instant reporting of any Republican affiliation to a story that has derogatory impact.  This has been a long history and I am not quite sure where it started, however, the digression into making even titular links to the parties a part of the news cycle is becoming worrisome.

People that have even cursorily donated to the GOP are being called out, while even Democrat leaders are being whitewashed of their political affiliations.  This is the trend that you are seeing in the story related by Scott Johnson.  It is also a trend that we must fight against.

I first saw this issue arrive in the 90’s, being a news junkie I was enamored of CNN.  Bernard Shaw gave an inkling of where this was going while interviewing a police spokes person about a woman that had drowned her  2 children.  Abruptly in the middle of the interview he interjected that her father was an employee of the GOP.

The thing that struck me was it was completely out of context with the rest of the interview.  To the point that the police representative was dumbfounded on how to respond.  There was not even a link to the mothers association with the GOP at all.  Just the fact that her father had some association with the state GOP.

We must start to be vigilant and start calling out these association and lack their of to the publishers.  Scott did a good service by directly contacting the author of his story, but since the author has not responded to the request, he should make it to the organization as a whole.  We should all take that lead and start reporting to the publishers when we identify such inconsistencies in reporting.  I know that this will do little good for organizations like the New York Times and MSNBC, but newspapers and other media outlets need to know that at the least we are watching, and that we will hold them accountable!