How to stop Police Brutality in One easy step

The recent El Monte Police Department chase and subsequent “Arse Kickin” brings to light the problem of Police Brutality. This fine upstanding citizen was minding his own business when a Police Officer stopped him for a traffic violation. The driver, Richard Rodriguez, didn’t feel like pulling over because I’m sure he was tired of taking a ride to the local jail (ya see, he was on Parole already for other charges). So, Richard takes off on a famed L.A. County Police Chase. During the chase, Richard flashes his gang sign to the cops because that’s what gang bangers like to do in the heat of battle. Richard places ordinary drivers and citizens in immediate bodily injury as he drives on the sidewalk and crashes into another car. Richards is only stopped after he collides with a parked car and he takes off on foot. Officers, of course, give chase. The Officers are well versed in handling gang members. The same gang members that training to engage Officer in gun battles, train to disarm Officers and train to kill Officers in hand to hand combat. The gangs’ training far outpaces the Officers training. The Officers in pursuit already know that Richard is and doing anything he can to escape. They are thinking for the worst which is gun battle. They know they can turn the corner and Richard will be sitting, waiting to ambush the Officers. The Officers also know that they may have to fight Richard once they catch him. The Officers may have the sight of recent Officers who have died fresh on their minds. They advance towards Richard and he is prone. In a split second, the Officers must switch from “Fight!” to arrest. The bleeding off of adrenaline doesn’t happen fast enough and whammo, Richard receives an attention grabber.

Again, being human stands in the way of another arrest. Which brings us to this point. What is needed is a robot. Just like RoboCop but with no offensive weapons. Humans chase the bad guys and once the chase ends they release the robot to close in with the bad guy and with a boat load of compassion, place the bad guy in hand cuffs. Until that happens, the Cops should keep doing what they are doing. Chase gang bangers who violate laws and when they catch them…..Kick them in the face. Oh yea, I hope we never get Robots.