Miss USA Contest and its possible destruction.

Carrie Prejean displayed charachter and integrity in last nights Miss USA contest. Something you would think would reap praise from those in the Miss USA organization. Uhhhh, No. Seems organizers of the pageant made this dandy little statement that the were “personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman.” Just to make sure I wasn’t missing something I had my youngest kids help me venture into the Constitution (their Dad ain’t too smart) and guess what…….No mention of marriage rights in there. Hmmmm, so anyway, Ms. Prejean comes in 2nd for giving her personal thoughts on States following Vermont recognizing gay marriage. You can only imagine what is being said about her in the MSM. It got me to thinking. Miss North Carolina won the contest. North Carolina being well within the Bible Belt I could not help but think “What if Miss North Carolina is a Christian?” Being a woman she is going to have natrual feelings of sorrow for Ms. Prejean. I watched a few so called “Insiders” of the pageant business say Ms. Prejean was the obvious front runner before Hilton’s question. Miss North Carolina could feel she did not win the crown outright. So I dive into the “What If” game. What if Miss North Carolina gives up her crown? Ms. Prejean becomes Miss USA and represents the organization across the globe. Does the organization allow some “Christian” or more likely their words would be “Bigot Homophobe” to represent the organization? I think they would do anything they could to keep her from the crown. in doing so I think support for the organization would plummet and the organization would no longer be what it is today (whatever that is). Look for TOTUS to be used in the next pageant so these pesky problems with personal honor and integrity will be removed.