Gary Stein and Brain Ross exploited Colorado Shooting

The Colorado shooting has, as I and others predicted brought out the worst in radicals from both the left and the right. Within Hours of the shooting the left via Brian Ross at ABC tried to make a Tea Party connection and MSNBC pushed their anti-2nd Amendment agenda. Then on the radical right a former Marine ( Gary Stein) that was disgraced by a other than honorable discharge for past comments that incite others (like yesterday) and attacked Obama as a traitor used the shooting for his own personal gain and stoke fears of guns being banned, followed by a string of nutjob posts about coming to theaters armed as the answer.

Both of these cases show the great divide in the country and more so they show a total uneducated lack of respect for the victims and willingness to have an ounce of common sense. These are two examples and many others on both sides jumped on this to score points, stoke the flames, stir up a crowd, and just get attention and that demonstrates a much larger problem we all have.

It seems we have reached the point when a Brian Ross with no facts and a clear agenda can be allowed to just “report” anything in this country. Same can be said on the right with the Gary Stein types that are the new uneducated, inexperienced 26 year olds with a Facebook page and a following of likeminded zombies willing to believe anything posted on the internet in a social media thread. Stein for those of you that don’t know has had posts on his page in the past calling for “a rope around Obama’s neck” and “one well-placed round” last week as a solution to our political problems…..And we wonder how people get and then act out in a radicalized way… They do this because they are insensitive zombies that live and interact almost exclusively through a laptop and a “page” on the internet.

No longer are people human they are just a string of letters and threads in cyber space. The same with the left and every incident being a call to attack the tea party or guns or just twist the facts In such a way as to fan the flames of radical progressive world. See the Progressive radicals just like the far right wingers like Stein above are also merchants of angst and they sow the seeds of division as a weapon for a larger agenda. Friends sometimes really bad people do really bad things and we as rational and loving Americans have to step in and just show compassion. Not every act of evil has a political agenda tied to it has the examples above try to create and exploit.

It’s time the vast majority of us in the common sense sector of this country take on the role of telling people like to Stein, Ross, Bloomberg and others to shut up.  Once you are a self declared, elected or TV public figure you have an obligation to just take a few days off and let America morn and recover before you go on an attention seeking and agenda building tour that does nothing but add to the grief of the families and the disgust of your fellow citizens.

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