When was the last time Obama "really" snorted cocaine?

Listen folks, there is a full scale distraction and deflection campaign going on from the Obama camp and all those hacks like Andrea Mitchell, Ed ” The Red” Schultz, and the liberal “pundits” all over TV land right now.  It’s a game called watch the clown, every time the dismal economy comes up, or jobs, or the inflation no one in Obamaland talks about but we all deal with they say “look at the clown” and get everyone distracted.  The Clown of course is this silly issue of when did Romney leave Bain or when will he release 10, 20, or 30 years of tax returns.

Note: Romney left Bain and saved the US Olympics!

So I say play along and ask, when was the last time Obama “really” snorted cocaine.  he says it was years and years ago but how do we know?  That’s the question liberals pose….”How do we know” it’s so secretive they say.  Well what about Obama and cocaine for example…why since that is something we really don’t know and……AND it’s a felony (another recent game of cat and mouse) why should we not ask the same type questions and demand the liberal left also do the same?  Or what did Obama do with Bill Ayers in Chicago?

Simple; we can win on Obama as a massive failure if we just stay on message and ask every stupid lefty hack out there to answer this question?  Is America better off today then 4 years ago?  Are small business owners really the enemy as Obama says and insinuates?  Why is 80% higher gas, meat, milk, and ice cream OK with you?

So the next time some facebook troll or lefty hack says “when did Romney really leave Bain”?  you say…well when did Obama really stop using cocaine a felony, and then as their eyes rolls in the back of their head and they start to shake you pose the real questions…..Is unemployment lower, are Americans better off, is gas 80% higher, are small business owners the enemy?  Go after them with REAL questions and when they spin and go back to ya but, ya but why won’t Romney release umpteen years of taxes you repeat “when was the last time Obama committed the felony of snorting cocaine” and start right back in on his failures on the economy.

Don’t play the “look at the clown” game with lefties, make them answer your questions and look at the real clown in the race!

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