The Hypocrites of Cult Ron Paul

Well Friends I’ve made no bones about my dislike of the RP movement and the anti-American way he and his crowd do their bidding.  This weekend Nebraska voted and he lost (again) yet his followers (the fewer and fewer remaining) are becoming even more hateful in their attacks and rhetoric on places like facebook so in decided to spell out some “truths” about the “Doctor”.

1. He wasted $400 plus on pork and earmarks in his own district alone as a Congressman.  Yet he uses his fiscal theory as the core of his platform and dim witted Constitutional arguments.  In short the guy does not and has not ever practiced what he preaches.  Further he also takes social security payments while making $180,000 a year as a sitting member of Congress, Even though he wants younger generations to transition away from Social Security, the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate says he receives checks.  “I do,” Paul acknowledged in an MSNBC interview on Wednesday. When The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein asked if Paul shouldn’t set an example by declining the government benefit, Paul said no…can you say SCAM and hypocrite!

2. His backers and endorsers include: Code Pink, Rachel Maddow, Don Black (former grand wizard of the KKK), Alex Jones, the anti-semites, plus RP also has the backing of Homophobes and and Truthers.  Lets not miss the recent poll that showed a massive 68% of voters that said they are very liberal support Ron Paul…why is that?

3. The reason is conservatives have three core tenants they work around.  Social, Fiscal and Foreign policy.  RP is left of Obama on the Social and Foreign policy fronts with his open slams and attacks on American exceptionalism as the reason for 9/11.  Now Cult Paul uses “Code” to hide the open hate they have for our country but read they posts to columns like this and all over facebook and it’s clear they have an OWS type mentality.  One of Cult Paul’s words is “Blowback”  the phrase they use to say that America is to blame by being……you guessed it “Exceptional” in the world.  His social policy is nothing more then liberal nonesense that even states the civil rights act was wrong (see above about racist leanings).

4. The most recent thing we’ve seen cult Paul do is start to mirror Obama talking points attacking Mitt Romney.  This is now the end game for the cultist and they are seeing the clock run out so the true colors are showing with them saying things like “Ronmey is a felon”  Where have we heard that one before?  Since when to conservatives break ranks with the Reagan rule and attack our own?  Conservatives DON’T and this is yet another example of how these cultist are driven by their liberal MSNBC talking points and ideas.

5. They also now cliam he won 11 states…this may be the most laughable of lies to date close to the “brokered convention” crap they pushed two months ago.  One thing for sure they can always talk themelves into a new lie!  Fact is Mitt should give him a broom and say the floor is yours starting at 1a.m. to clean.  While your there fell free to speak to an empty hall…now Mr. Paul you and your liberal ideas are dismissed.

Folks, RP is a myth conservative and always has been.  His followers are hell bent on Obama winning the election because they voted for the guy before or they openly support two of three things Obama stands for the social and foreign policy of the democratic party not our Grand Ole Party.  These folks are, and have always been fakes and liberals in hiding and now they are showing their true colors. This guy is bilking use for social security while preaching it’s evils, he praises racist while pretending to be inclusive, he blames America for our God given role of being the becon for liberty and then makes excuses for Iran and other radical nations, he wasted your money by the hundreds of millions yet pushes a false fiscal theory about paying for things with gold nuggets….folks crazy is what crazy says and does in this case!  Thank God we have Mark Levin who really gets the Constitution.

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Note from Erick: I have edited this diary to remove references to Chuck Baldwin, who was improperly and inaccurately attacked in this post.