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It’s become clear Yahoo is deep and I mean DEEP in the tank for Obama.  I’ll even through out the suggestion that the money changing hands is not just for Obama campaign ads but for total editorial license when reprting the news in it’s top headlines section.  Last night is the most recent example of the yahoo pro Obama, anti-conservative and anti-Romney bias.

They ran a story at the top of their news thread section on the home page that was an old re-hash Bain capital story.  Now this has to be about as low a news item as it gets with Holder, Fast and Furious, the tropical storm and Sandusky all in the news cycle.  But nope, Yahoo runs it’s top headline as an anti-Romney bain capital story with ZERO story in the top news of Holder or Fast and Furious.

It’s clear to me after over two months of watching Yahoo’s daily news thread that they are pushing a very covert liberal agenda as a company or as a minimum in the news department at yahoo.  We have to take a stand.  I’m calling on a full boycott of yahoo by all conservatives across the country and for all of us to join and share this group to build an Army of fed up patriots and Americans sick of the liberal takeover ans bias in the media and it starts with yahoo.  Join this group and share this group today and put yahoo off limits in your Internet use starting now!


We can do the same things liberals do and call for boycotts and call for responsible companies that state their intentions or show fairness in news reporting.  Lets band together and not turn a blind eye to this mess at yahoo.  Join the group today and share and invite all you know to join this movement today!

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