Being Conservative to me!

Being conservative and being Tea Party take courage and confiction of your ideas and values and a willingness to stand strong under pressure.  Many of you know I’m a proud conservative and in 2008 I founded The Armed Forces Tea Party.  I even ran for Congress in 2010 based on principle in a district that was considered for years a locked up liberal district.  I dropped, endorsed a fellow TP candidate and he won in a district that was never supposed to go conservative (TX-23).

Our blog here at www.victorluebker.com is now at the top of Google search terms for “conservative blogs” (a huge coup) and we have 10,000 plus readers and veiws daily across the I-net, why????  I’m true to my conservative values and here’s what that means.

1.  That you have the guts to take a stand and back candidates that can make America better.  This does not mean looking for the perfect TP candidate as some have tried and still try to do.  It means working with, talking too and then supporting those candidates that can make America better.  I did this with Mitt by endorsing him under my name and the name of my Tea Party early on and caught some heat.  Well, it was smart and the right thing to do and more and more we see that Mitt is a great candidate and will be the change we need in the White House over Obama.  #1 GUTS!

2. Next, you have to get in the game, be in the arena as they say.  I work hard daily to keep readers and followers informed and also share my opinion on core issues and take the hits from those that disagree.  You can do this also even if it’s small starting out.  Take a stand and get in the game.  Re-post blogs and stories that count, share thoughts on social media and encourage smart discussion.  It’s taken me years to build the now great following I have but that also means a huge impact for the conservative and liberty minded principles I hold dear.  #2 Get in the game!

3. Avoid the flakes, folks the Tea Party has also led to a rise in the kooky folks on the far right that just want anarchy and see the world and our country through some backwards ass militia lens.  My advice here as a conservative is to call them out so people know they are NOT one of us and also keep sharing smart and constructive information with true conservatives.  We are not the militia wingnuts or conspiracy clowns the left wants to paint us as and we are not the anarchist that some on the far right trying to highjack our movement and make us a cult are.  We are intelligent, articulate, rational people with a desire to have open discussions even with liberals that also suscribe to being civil in politics if it makes America better.  #3 avoid the flakes.

Bonus:  Last is the core, study who we are as conservatives.  I spend hours learning about what it means and those that shaped our principles over time.  Visit these two sources often and study what “conservative” means.