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About once every two months I’ll tune into MSNBC after 8pm to see what Red Schultz, Dewy Meadow and Rosie O’Donnell are spewing in the way of twisted propaganda and what left wing nut, always agree with me guests they have.  Last night validates like all others why I only do this once every couple of months.

Ed still ranks as the most vile and full of **** guy on TV in my book.  This is the guy that took huge amounts of money from Unions to speak in WI and uses words like talk slut to describe ladies on the radio among other things.  He was typical, boring, angry, Ed with the pissed off face and empty glass comments about fox news and no substance on Obama other then the mandatory high praise and White House talking points.  As always I’ll point out that Ed is a wife beater, look up the ND records on him.  He is the king of duplicity angst!

Dewy had a really stupid segment where she brought our the coward Chris Hayes (guy that can’t call our military heroes on Memorial Day) to talk about his book.  I can’t name it as it was that unforgettable and my guess is Barnes and Noble will be using his book as a stack to place a display of Bill O-Riely’s books by weeks end.  The falling all over herself Dewy praised this book as “ground breaking” when really it’s a hit piece from the Bush years and tying it all together as some grand thesis on how the elites are not elite anymore and that we need new ones (progressive wack jobs of course) and that we need to re-distribute all our wealth and “balance” things out to be elite……It was so funny folks!

Rosie, he is my favorite because to his credit he may be the most passionate about being a socialist and is the most dim-witted of the three.  You want to feel sorry for him on one hand and on the other realize how *******, pathetic he is with the stunts he pulls like attacking Ann Romney about her MS.  Rosie was as usual the most boring of the three with his monotone monologue and re-has of what was said the previous two hours by angry Red and Dewy Meadow.  Here is the best part, he being the guy fired from the prime spot over there at communist news best his two comrades in the ratings.

Friends, do yourself a favor and don’t waste a second becoming the 17th viewer on any given night.  Two months from now I’ll update you with a story about an angry man, a clueless half-wit, and sleepy the socialist with an almost carbon copy of what they say every night….that would be whatever the White House tells them to say!

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