Global warming goes green

Fellow conservatives, friends and those fed up with the 30 year global warming myth,

Last night I was watching Deadliest Catch (a favorite of mine) and the guys were talking after the show about the record ice, the lowest and most ice packs they had seen in years or their entire careers; it got me thinking about the global warming freaks and it hit me that they are backing off in favor of “green”.

First let me share this about the Alaska ice so that the warming trolls don’t just yell lies, LIES!

Walt Meier is a sea ice researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. He says a persistent low-pressure system south of Alaska is responsible for the Bering Sea’s extreme ice.

“Basically what that did, that brought the circulation from the north or the northeast out across the Bering Sea and that essentially does two things. Number one it brings cold air down into the area, so that cold air helps ice form. But it also pushes the ice southward, so you keep pushing the ice edge southward because of the winds blowing from the north.”

Air temperatures over the Bering Sea averaged 11 to 14 degrees colder than usual this winter, which pushed the ice edge as far south as the Aleutians at times.

Now folks what has happened is two things.  First the warming crowd has gone green in the sense they have embraced the green movement and people like Van Jones in order to re-energize the base and get attention for a movement that started 30 some years ago claiming that by now places like where I live on a beach in Florida would be under water and that just never happened.  Sea levels have not risen 10 feet like they said or global temps have risen 3 or 4 degrees on average.  The facts are they lied to us, had bad science and then created an industry to support and make money from this giant hoax.  That leads us to the second thing.

They have gone green as in “M-O-N-E-Y”.  They have become a global industry that both rakes in billions in grants and aid from US tax payers and UN handouts.  Plus they have become a front for candidates handing out “GREEN” to the radicals and progressive trying to take America and make us just another cog in a global body of progressive leaders.  The reality is that warming is now green and both are code for progressive liberals looking to take your money through guilt, regulations, taxes, or the outright shake down of companies.

It’s funny what you can learn from an Alaskan crab fisherman and I learned that the global warming hoax is real and that the crowd that tried to force that agenda and the Al Gore goons selling fake carbon credits are now the “green” crowd and they are coming for our money again.  Get ready for 30 years for dire warnings and UN mandated regulations and money grabs in the name of the next global hoax….that some how they have a green answer to all our problems.