What $40,000 dinners really mean

Here is really what is going on with liberals and
celebrities and $40,000 a plate dinners with Jessica Parker and co.  Liberals and Hollywood liberals in particular
need validation.  From the time on screen
to the dim witted appearances on the View to these gross $40,000 a plate
dinners is all about getting validated.

Liberals are followers with a social group mindset to begin
with.   They need to feel exceptional
through attention and don’t seek to be exceptional through deeds.  They don’t seek to give back out of some higher
calling they do it for, yes you guessed it again, validation.  Look at the steady stream of awards shows
that Hollywood does for Hollywood.  All
centered on attention and full of drama and political shots at Americans (conservatives)
that really work, and earn and create.
No other industry works so hard to publically pat themselves on the back
as Hollywood.  Tonight in NYC with Sara
Jessica is just a private version of a Hollywood awards show.

This is about a President that has the same weak minded need
for validation that IMO goes back to childhood.
It’s about likeminded, non-creating, ego centric liberals seeking
validation through group association and ridicule of others to prop up fragile self-esteem.

So, the message here is simple, liberals by nature are weak,
self-serving, and seek attention and validation through awards and fake
conversations about politics (most have limited education outside “preforming”).  They can’t envision just doing something good
and not getting noticed because it’s not in their DNA.  Conservatives on the other hand have a just
get it done attitude, could give a rip about glamour, and prefer to focus on
the process.  Conservatives talk about
results and liberals talk about grand theory and collectivism.  Conservatives focus on individualism and exceptionalism
while liberals see a world where everyone has an award show and gets an
award.  Conservatives want to be the super
bowl MVP and will work to do it if they don’t make the cut.  Liberals will trash the National Anthem
because it offends while conservatives “Are proud to be an American where at
least they know there free”.

So, take heart and put it in perspective when you hear Sean
Penn, Sara Jessica, or Joy Behar rant like they have clue.  Take heart because they don’t have a clue and
don’t have the spirit that made this country great, they are students of the
system taught by a guy named Marx that sees everyone as one cog in a larger
collective machine that needs constant validation.

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Founder and chief, the armed forces tea party


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