Thin Slicing America

Friends what President Obama is doing is thin slicing America.  Today he will give a speech on jobs that’s really just another example of his trade off for votes program.  He’ll discuss how “investing” in community college for example is the way to rebuild the economy when in fact he is saying “vote for me as an 18 year old that can’t go to a large college program and I’ll pay your community college tab”.  It’s his money for votes, spread the wealth and destroy the economy, so that the FED has to take it over tour.

The President is targeting micro demographic groups with “code” saying vote for me and you’ll get free stuff and not have to do much of anything to get it.  He is growing our entitlement and victim mentality as a country by telling people they are not exceptional when he should be saying they need to grab and shovel and help dig us out.  No, he is saying you’re a victim of Bush, millionaires or the successful person down the street that is selfish and does not want to spend their income for your insurance or school or food or cell phone…….

He carves out a voting block; today will be 18-20 year old local kids that want to go to community college free and says you are “OWED” you are a “VICTIM” and bad Americans that succeeded are to blame so vote for me and I’ll punish them and reward you with free stuff from their wallets.  He reinforces this message by being the biggest of victims in the country with his non-stop Bush did this and I got a raw deal stuff.  He leads by example as the commander and victim, not commander and chief!

You’ll see over the coming months a theme on the stump with him as he targets one micro group after another in  coded stump speeches thin slicing America!  Our standing in the world is a train wreck, our economy is in a free fall not growing and he continues to double down on his own pity party of the bad hand he got and how micro groups are getting the shaft.  It’s time to stand up as a country and demand exceptionalism and that all citizens grab a shovel and that everyone start thinking about how they can be an MVP.  We don’t give medals to the most average player on the field at the Superbowl we reward the best player!  It’s time to teach our kids and the current victim class how to be MVP’s and shut Obama out, vote him out and call him out in public for creating micro classes of under achieving victims.  Mr. President you did this to our great country and we’ve had enough!

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Victor Luebker, Founder and Chief

The Armed Forces Tea Party


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