The end of Ron Paul forever!

For months I’ve said his movement is really just an overblown cult with a the loud crowd drawing all the attention and the moderate fiscal hawks seeing value in his message on debt but sickened by the crazy crowd like Alex Jones and co to the point they stopped following the guy.

I’ve been validated over and over as these cult of crazies posedt one nit-wit, hair brained conspiracy after another over the past five months further proving how crazy they are.  Things like “he won the FL primary” or “the Bilderbergs got the Rand with a death threat and why he endoresed Mitt.”  Here is a great quote from Capitol Hill Blue:

“The implied suggestion that Ron Paul is George Washington or Jesus Christ should give one pause. More fundamentally the dust-up over Paul the Younger’s endorsement of his party’s nominee reveals the overwhelming flaw in the Paulitian movement. It is less of a political movement and more of a cult, centered around Ron Paul and his ideas, which his followers seem to regard as holy writ.

The campaign is Ron Paul’s swan song. He is in his 70s and is not as spry as he once was. He is leaving Congress, his claim to political legitimacy. And sooner rather than later, he will be with the ages, a departed prophet. Then his cult will die or subsumed into the greater conservative movement. Either outcome would be satisfactory.

The fact is folks Ron Paul inc. was always a money machine because he is 70 plus years old, retiring from his 30 years as a career politican, and filling his PAC with wheel borrows full of money he can live off of for years as the lead consultant of his PAC.  That’s what his most cult like freakoziods never got, the guy is buildig a business not a following with those moneybombs.

My take is Rand just is softening the blow for his Dad before he comes out and endorese Mitt….and he WILL!  That his endoresment is more an admission of the political reality that the ReVolution was never a revolution at all but just a big money grab that went after the fringes of the  libertarian and progressive left (code pink), along with some fiscal hawks in the GOP.

The readers and suscribers at the DailyPaul have been fleeing in droves faster then rats on a burning, sinking, flea infested ship.  Alex Jones has gotten even more radical with his fake youtube videos from the bilderberg meetings trying like hell to stir the kook wing of the Ron Paul base with people like Gary Stein still reposting his cult videos of rapes and forced injections (good luck with them ever posting a correction to the false story they posted as fact).  All signs that the end is HERE….not nere.

The kooks will still show up on facebook, make silly claims, and rally around cult events like area 51 UFO zommbies do with cameras in the desert.  Sad thing is that I insulted area 51 folks by comparing them to the crazy Ron Paul cult that is one of the most radical in the history of American politics.


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