Maybe Ed Schultz should be indicted!

Last night this guy that calls women “sluts” and is known for his over the top angst and flame throwing was visibility upset when told the race was called for Scott Walker and said “maybe he’ll be indicted in the next fews days”.  Lets explore why the real person to be indicted should be Ed Schultz.

1. He has taken $100,000’s from Labor Unions and then gave them a network to run the recall from.  Congress needs to fix this now.  Once a network (MSNBC) and a show start doing live shows trying to influence an election in the name of news they have crossed the line and should be indicted!

2. Ed did his show live from WI and did not have one person from the winning side on his show, he is as biased as they come and will not, cannot and should not ever be trusted!  Worse he then brings in Jessie Jackson who says Scott Walker is like a segregationist…Now imagine Jessie, MSNBC, and fat head Ed all playing the race card…for that they should be indicted!

3. Ed replaced O’Donnell in the prime slot (the one that gets 17 viewers) at MSNBC, that’s like taking the third string towel guy and saying you’re now batting clean up.  For that MSNBC should be indicted for stupidity!

4.  Ed then says “Obama felt you (WI Labor) need to win this on your own” wow, talk about back tracking and twisting the issue.  Obama could not afford to have yet another loss and failure tied to his name at this point so he cut and run on labor and Ed knows it.  For being that much of a hack Ed should be indicted!

5.  Now poor Ed has to find another way to “juice” the Unions and make money from them, my guess is he will now go on a big labor speaking tour, he’ll piss and moan for weeks on his show about the loss and of course get a speaking slot with Debbie whats-hername Schultz at the WI democratic convention continuing to ensure union dues are spent linning his pockets at events.  For that all workers should indict Ed Schultz!

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