Bilderberg wingnuts are out in force

Folks as a smart conservative I don’t buy into the crowd that pretend to be conservatives and spew the crap like Alex Jones and his band of followers spew in the article below.  It’s clear these folks that are now part of a loose nit coalition of like minded follower like extreme Ron Paul followers, Oath Keepers, and Gary Stein ( the new mouth piece for all these groups on facebook ) have deep issues.  How could anyone with a sane mind publish and promote things like Bilderbergers eat babies in some secret meeting.  You read that right and the story in the examiner below really show how serious these people are about this nonsense.

As a proud member of the Tea Party it worries me when people that are now trying to associate and grow their base like Gary Stein for attention and PR stunts promote and push these agendas over sound Tea Party principles.  These people put us all at risk if the far left media ever decides to play connect-the-dots in a story and tie all them to us “NORMAL” conservatives.

When one person pushes the agenda of any of these folks they are all complicit with each other in a larger mis-information movement designed to sow the seeds of revolution and angst no different then OWS on the far left.  A far right wing group with designs on radical upheaval is just a big a problem as OWS, and both should be called out for it.

If you’re Tea Party act like it, if you’re not fine and you have a right to say what you want.  However, stop saying things like the story below in our name.  Stick to Obama, the debt,  jobs, and getting the health care law overturned and stop pushing the agenda of Alex Jones and co.



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