Heroes and Cowards

I spent some time thinking about the Chris Hayes crap at MSNBC and yet another apology from a radical liberal progressive and came to the conclusion in my opinon that there are many Heroes and Cowards among us.  First lets cover some coward related stuff.

Having a hit list on your desk and then saying via your press secretary that stopping women and children from being shot in the head in mass is not our business or as it was stated “now is not the time”.  That’s Barrack Obama and it’s what a coward does, sits behind a desk and orders executions then refuses to stop genocide.

A person that says “it’s not our problem” when  women and children are killed in mass.  The same as people living in the villages of Dachau Germany said about the stench of genocide.  That’s what Gary Stein, the USMC member booted under other then honorable conditions said on his tea party facebook page.

A TV talking head that says he can’t use the word “hero” to describe our fallen military.  Thats Chris Hayes and the MSNBC crowd that yet again apologized after God awful comments.

Heroes, well that’s the 6400 members of the military we have lost in the last 11 years. The great young Americans that serve with honor, don’t attack the chain of command for attention, and in many cases were young kids playing little league on a play ground just 8 or 10 years ago.

Heroes are the ones we honored this weekend, the ones that we lose almost 1500 of a day from WWII, the ones that stand up and say I’ll follow the orders of those appointed over me like generations and generations before and whose white headstones line green fields in places like France, luxembourg, and Arlington to preserve liberty.  Thank God for the Heroes!