Does Gary Stein have a Militia Tea Party on his hands?

I’ve spoke for some time about my worries of a radicalized tea party or the liberal media trying to paint us that way.  That for some reason we have attracted at some tea party sites a group of people that feel hate speech and death threats to the President are how we advance our agenda.  Today I read this and was shocked and disgusted!  It tries to paint 9/11 and Waco in the same brush and this is just the kind of awful post that incites violent speech and hate.  It also shows a real lack of class and editorial common sense as it reflects on the entire tea party!  This was up at 10am CST today 19 April on the site run by Gary Stein.

Before 9/11 there was Waco. Nineteen years ago today our government showed what they are capable of. We need to teach our children this simple historical lesson. “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington
Now read the above very careful and you’ll see the line “Nineteen years ago today our government showed what they are capable of.”  This line is right before the 9/11 comparison!  Folks, this is a deeply disturbing post and it’s clear there is an agenda to make comparisons that are wrong to incite people or it shows a very troubled and conspiracy theory mindset.  Worse they then go on and say we need to take this VERY troubled and false comparison and “teach our children”, are you kidding?  Now you want to indoctrinate kids with this wing nut type false comparisons?  Words matter folks and I for one belive these are calulated statements for attention and to build a very certain type of membership.
This is why we must speak out as Tea Party members against the radicals on the far right seeking to take over the movement or align themselves with it for personal gain or steaming from a warped view of the world.
This post is the worst in the tea party and not reflective of all the great Americans that joined us over the last four years.  It’s reflective of a fringe movement that has been here hiding in camps and compounds for decades and now they want to be Tea Party because we have a following.
Reject this my friends and be careful not to get sucked into the radical right (not right at all) under the guise they are Tea Party.