Tea party road map

Friends, for months I’ve been behind Mitt and was one of the first major Tea Party leaders to endores him.  The reason was obvious to me, he can beat Obama.  However we have a TP divided and also a new narrative from the far left starting to emerge as the race for the White House begins.  Fret not, I have a road map for our success.

We have to start by recognizing the fact that like it or not the left is now painting the TP as the very far right wing of the larger GOP.  I for one have been saying this was coming and that it’s a false narrative but one created by the “noise” crowd in the TP so we own some of the blame.  Like it or not some people from militia types to the Ron Paul crowd, to just the “I’ll never budge on Mitt” types have tied their horse to the larger TP wagon for attention.  We need to start the process of showing our broad and diverse base to the independent voters to win this and change the narrative.

It starts with talking up the moderates and even blue collar democrats that have found us and our message and stop making all issues black or white, the hardcore conservative or not type discussions have to stop.  This means getting back to the basics of spending, taxes, and individual liberty and not in the weeds with social issues and personal attacks on Obama the person.  Fact is Presidents come and go and we need to see ourselves as a long term movement not a one election boxing match.

Next, we need to call out those that portend to be TP when they go radical or start talking in narrow terms or with absolutes.  This is vital as I’m convinced the more moderate voices in the TP are doing a couple things.  First, they are staying quite and avoiding the social media fire fights because trolls with laptops flame them non-stop.  Second, they are paying attention to this race more then the right wingers and really making a sound and valid assesment that Mitt is the guy.  The numbers in the primary states are starting to show this so we better stop pissing them off.

Also, we have to have the courage to go after anyone that is using the Tea Party brand for personal PR stunts or as part of a radical and militia like right wing agenda.  This small crowd that tends to run in fanactical Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Oath Keepers circles like Gary Stein or  are faux Tea Party and just using our name for recruiting.  If there is a major negative Tea Party story in the media it will come from them so we have to be more assertive in our positions that they ARE NOT Tea Party.  Being a radical that had no following, then jumping on our name, mission and following does not make you one of us.  You go to a TP event and you won’t find us calling for radical revoultion as the solution, or open revolt and a call to arms as the alternative.  Nope, we know just like in 2010 we win this with VOTES and sain, soild message.   In short anyone that starts out or uses an anarchist, anti-authority at all costs, 9/11 truther, Ron Paul washington outsider, Obama Muslim aurgument as why they are Tea Party…..Are NOT Tea Party!  They are the things I just listed and in short just another version OWS so call them out my friends and don’t shy away from the fight because they are crazy and loud.

Last, we need to cast the far left as the real issue and ones that have shifted more and not allow them the paint us with their brush.  No matter how you slice this the MSN is in the tank for Obama and a progressive agenda.  The Soledad O’Briens and MSNBC types are going to do all they can to find, and then report the worst possible narratives on the TP.  They will look for the idiots in our ranks that say and do stupid things and then try and color all of us the same.  It’s vital that you talk about them (progressives) and “Pivot” whenever this happens.  Ed Schultz is so far in the tank that he needs a crain to pull him out of the WI mess.  He, like all the MSNBC and radical lefties are going to make the Tea Party out to be what they are……Radicals.

Don’t let the guy with a gun at an event, or the one that has a rebel flag or the one that attacks Obama on a personal level become the story.  Educate people that these are marginal players and fringe elements just looking for a movement to get attention and not the real Tea Party.  Then Pivot and talk about the real issues.  An America looking at $5 gas, the takeover of health care, the class and gender warfare and how the radical left and groups like OWS and union thugs are acting……  In short, grab the darn brush from the radical liberal and fake Tea Party and paint them with it!

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