Gary Stein keeps screwing up!

Well today he goes on CNN with soledad o’brien and meets with the liberal media about his comments that have now got him sitting on an other then honorable discharge …..Why he went on CNN is odd given he portends to be so anti-liberal but my take it’s part of his need for attention and the 15 minutes of fame thing I’ve said this is really all about…that’s for another day however.

Here’s the thing, he goes on air, issues a half of an excuse or semi-apology for his comments and admits he took them right down…that is kind of an admission in my opinion he knew they were wrong.  Then he goes after the USMC AGAIN and tries to play pin the tail on the donkey blaming a SNCO…..Are you kidding me, now he wants to blame a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for his huge mistake?

He continues to wonder why he is getting booted out yet blasts those senior in the Chain of Command for his mistake.  For months he has gone back and forth between poking a stick in the eye of the USMC and really all the armed forces by extension and trying the walk this back as a honest mistake and it “was only up five minutes”.  Sorry but the non-stop attacks by him or the other facebook page administrators on the USMC followed by half hearted “I’m sorry” just won’t cut it!

It’s vital that all understand that we that serve or have served all follow a code and respect the chain of command and the institution we are privileged to be a part of.  One person that goes rouge and claims “Free Speech” attacking our code and system is a problem and why we don’t allow it.  Trying to throw a SNCO under the bus is a new low.  Many of the barracks lawyers and tea party want to be’s will claim he is a victim in all this.  These same barracks lawyers are posters on his page and call for the president to be tried for “treason and shot”, this is a result of the culture and environment that facebook page has allowed for months now and I know first hand as I tried to stop it.  That being the radical and over the top posts and attacks and personal hate based agenda that is now common there.  Fact is the real victim is the Corps, the Armed Forces and the Tea Party because one person pulled us in and let liberals paint us as some hate based radicals that act on personal feelings not issues.  Words matter and politics is about policy not personal and hate based attacks….Take a page from Mitt Romney….the guy acts like a gentleman yet calls out the policy issues we must get fixed now to save the country.

The Tea Party is moderate, it’s conservative, it’s far right wing, it’s middle of the road and even blue collar democrat .  However; we are NOT clowns that do what the OWS crowd does and get into the politics of threats and attacks and personal attacks.  Other Tea Party leaders don’t act like this and don’t condone or allow (the reason they say is they can’t control what people post) calls for the CIC to be “shot”.   For the good of the Tea Party, close your facebook page down and let us do our job of beating the agenda of the far left without distractions!