USMC Sgt Gary Stein Charged by the Corps!

Folks it’s sad to report that the young (26 years old) Marine Sgt (Gary Stein) that started a facebook page called armed forces tea party has been charged under the UCMJ by the Corps for his words on the facebook page in question.  He openly challenged the system with stated comments about not following orders and his page also called the President the Enemy and referred to the White House is a target like a battlefield among other things.

I privately cautioned him weeks ago to tome it down and of late have been very open with my thoughts about the growing drumbeat of more and more critical comments on the page that is using our good name www.armedforcesteaparty.com  and the damage this is doing to the tea party at large.  It’s been my position he got caught up in all the press and calls from CNN and MSNBC and the celebrity complex trumped common sense here.

This was just posted on his facebook page tonight:  Gary Stein founder of AFTP has been formally charged with allegations of making statements about the president that are prejudicial to good orders and violating dod directive 1344 by founding and and running AFTP. The Marine Corps is seeking a Admin Discharge.. more to come

Now in short he is being charged with Article 134 of the UCMJ for doing what no professional NCO, SNCO or Officer can do and that’s pick and choose the orders they follow and claim free speech to attack the chain of command and the Commander and Chief.  I’m a very open and proud conservative that is anti-Obama policies.  However, I served 22 years and I did not decide during the Clinton years I would start picking and choosing the orders I’ll follow or slam the C-In-C or call him the “enemy”.  As Americans we have the best system and process in the history of the world and we respect the office of the President and the will of the voters!

As a Tea Party we work to elect the candidates we want and issues we feel strongly about like the debt fixed through the process.  We have been recognized as a movement for or “CIVIL” discourse and how we clean up and handle ourselves at events.  This mess did none of that and served as a person gone rogue or as a movement run a muck….not sure which of the two yet.

In short, one person is not the Tea Party no matter how much attention they get and our active duty members MUST follow orders and more so TRUST the SNCOs and Officers appointed over them to ensure the morality and legality of orders.  We don’t want anyone doing what Sgt. Gary Stein has done.  It’s not what our WWII, Korea, and Vietnam vets did as professional NCOs ad it’s not what we teach at professional military education schools for our current members to do.  You don’t try and create complete chaos in the system and have a page full of people calling for violent attacks on our system as he has now on his page.

This may well be used against the tea party by the progressive left to show us as some extreme group as a result of all this and if that happens America has lost because one person gave the movement a serious black eye.  It’s sad it’s come to this and I hope in the end all of us in the Tea party are not impacted by the really bad choice of one person.

Vic Luebker, founder of www.armedforcesteaparty.com