Tea Party Goes Rouge!

Folks if you go to google and type in the phrase ” tea party calls Obama the enemy ” you’ll see that one person and a very radical and fringe facebook page started under the guise of a tea party comes up.  It’s the USMC Sgt Gary Stein and his attacks on Obama the person and his little war to not follow orders he has decided are not moral or legal…yes you read that correct, he has decided are moral or legal.

Worse all this is now being attached to us in the Tea Party like this rouge stance and these radical options stated like the ones below are reflective of the larger Tea Party and our more structured and legit way of dealing with issues.  We in the Tea Party have always been above the fray of movements like OWS and radical fringe groups or people that call the President the “enemy” as Gary Stein did on his page and continues to do with comments like today saying they will attack the enemy at the White House in this post:

Armed Forces Tea Party, ready to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, from the battlefield to the White House.
Folks these comments MUST be refuted by the Tea Party as they incite domestic violence and that’s not who we are or what our movement is about.  We are a policy organization that cleans up after our rallies and does not name call the President as an “enemy” or suggest the White House is now a legit target like a “battlefield” .
We speak about spending and debt and how we can embrace the policies of Paul Ryan and Rubio and yes even Romney.  We talk in a way that encourages all Americans to join us as we take on the broken promises and failed policies of the progressive left.  We don’t boil it down to an attention seeking sound bite comparing the White House as a legit target or a battlefield.   This is great if you want attention as a radical and looking for news stories you can read about yourself at night but it’s not how the Tea Party deals with todays issues.  A military named group speaking in a way of attacking the White House?????  Really?
Last, we know that we follow orders in the military and there is no legit reason to even suggest orders are not moral or legal and that people should start picking and choosing when and where they follow them.  Can you even imagine the mess this could create if professional soldiers start to mutiny in mass over personal selected orders they will not follow.
This fringe following and facebook page is not a Tea Party and all of us in the Tea Party must speak out to ensure the progressive left does not associate this person and the awful comments as those of our great movement.  We are better then that as a Tea Party.